Your Sovereign State

Sovereign State is an idea consultancy specializing in brand strategy, design & development. We build LIVING BRANDS that are relevant, resilient and connected to their stakeholders. By continuously engaging with cultural, consumer and competitive inputs, we enable brands to be adaptable in an ever evolving landscape.

We believe the strongest organizations understand that their brand is part of a living ecosystem. And that the health of their brand is defined by the health of the larger system of which they are a part. What is in the system? Well your customers to start, but also competitors, trends and employees. These are all parts of the larger system and work together to support or hinder your brand.

At Sovereign State, we build LIVING brands that don’t need to be redesigned constantly. They are uniquely designed to grow and provide increasing economic and customer value over time.

To remain RELEVANT, your brand needs to be ACTIVE, generating ideas and opportunities for your business and community.

RESILIENCY is key. To be resilient your brand needs to be an ADAPTIVE and VITAL part of a larger ecosystem. It should be flexible, with brand parameters that evolve with changes in the system.

The brand must also be CONNECTED to its customers and its category. By thinking HOLISTICALLY about your brand presence across all customer and lifestyle touch points, our solution will engage and reward stakeholders across their journey with your brand.

The strongest organizations understand that their brand is part of a living ecosystem.


Stake Your Claim.

Sovereign State is “a big shop in a small body” and our reputation has been built on our ability to be responsive and nimble.

Every project begins with a solid foundation of strategy prior to any visual expression. From a variety of inputs, a solid brand structure is developed. We feel that defining the living brand platform is crucial to our success and the success of our clients.

Based on the living brand structure, our goal is to develop more than a new brand identity. We will create a brand identity system  – a set of components that used together provide a versatile, recognizable and emotionally impactful visual representation of your brand. More than an identity, we want to ensure that all of the elements of the brand system work together and allow for flexibility and dynamic expression.

Initial brand concepts and visual treatments are presented in a large visual mood board format so that all the elements of the system can be seen, together with real-world usage.

Our team provides facilitation and operational tools designed to help your organization build, embrace and leverage your brand investment.

The time is now to declare your own Sovereign State.