Artist Health Alliance

The Artists’ Health Alliance provides leadership in health advocacy, promotion and education for artists of all disciplines. Through outreach, research and support of the integrative healthcare facility at The Al & Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre at Toronto Western Hospital, The Artists’ Health Alliance are a catalyst for advancing the health and wellbeing of Toronto's artistic community.

The Artist’s Health Alliance serves a multlitude of artist categories, from writers to dancers, to designers. To encapsulate this wide umbrella of creative vocation, Sovereign State developed an organic identity system based on free hand brush strokes to express creativity across the board. Geometric patterning was added to create structure and contrast as well as expanding the library of usable elements in collateral execution.

“As a small nonprofit organization, taking on a complex project like updating our brand, can be an impossibility. With limited financial resources, and limited human resources to manage the complexity, we were daunted by the task. However with the support of government funding and the passionate, talented and insightful team at Sovereign State, an otherwise challenging task was made possible."

AHA Visual Language

Artist Health Alliance Identity

"Our Marketing Committee was thrilled when Joel and his team presented a strong and workable solution to our challenge of brand separation within one website, along with two new brand identities, business cards, and poster and postcard templates to ensure all our future communications stayed true to our brand. We now feel that we have a cohesive toolbox of collateral that will tell our story in an impactful way.”

Artist Health Centre Identity


Printed Collateral

Stationery Materials


AHA Postcards


Print Ads

Website Design

"Joel’s team built us an intuitive website that clearly communicates our two independent organizations that collaborate together on a variety of initiatives. We are thrilled to have an accessible resource for the artist community we serve. Not only does this site speak to the artist, it was created in such a way that it allows for easier internal management of the various tools and exists within a clean framework that ensures it will stay on brand for years to come."

— Dawn Green, Executive Director


UX and Development by Outskirts Creative

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