Soundstreams is an international centre for new directions in music programming, culturally provocative concerts and festivals – weaving together music and ideas from a globally diverse array of artists, genres and eras. As a recognized national leader and centre for international music collaboration, Soundstreams Canada is one of the largest and most dynamic organizations of its kind anywhere in the world.

Sovereign State had the honour of rebranding this dynamic organization and designing its program campaign for three consecutive seasons. From strategy to finished design, Sovereign State worked closely with Soundstreams to ensure emotional cohesion between offering and visual execution. Sovereign State continues to craft and evolve the brand as it moves into it’s 30th anniversary.

Since Sovereign State rebranded Soundstreams in 2008 our audiences have tripled. No small feat with a niche music product. The design work is powerful, inspired and effective.

Jennifer Green
Strategic Initiatives at Toronto Arts Foundation

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