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United by Ping Pong

SPiN is a Ping Pong Social Club born from the lofts of Tribeca - grown onto the streets of New York and found globally with clubs in Dubai, Chicago, Belgium, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Founded by Academy Award Winner and official ping pong aficionado Susan Sarandon, the vision of SPiN is to create community, culture, and connection through the lens of Ping Pong. A simple, all inclusive game that encourages participants to turn off their technologies, pick up a paddle and connect in the tradition of good honest fun.

Sovereign State is currently working with SPiN to evolve and lend design structure to the rapidly expanding brand. The brand system is a library of elements that work in a modular, plug and play style. This system allows franchises to create custom communications that relate to the global brand but connect to the cultural elements endemic to each city. As culture advances, the library is designed to expand and adopt new elements into the brand fold ensuring enhanced resiliency and relevance.

“Joel and the Sovereign State team have been an absolute joy to work with - not only are they an unbelievably talented group of designers and creative thinkers, they show a genuine level of caring that cannot be taught. 
Working on the SPiN Global brand, they have been instrumental in our multi-faceted rebrand evolution creating an interconnected and thought-provoking design system that has allowed us to scale our brand across a global roster of locations. As a growing company with international reach, Sovereign State has become an invaluable asset in our communications arsenal that has resulted in tangible growth for our business."


Custom Paddles

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SPiN New York

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Chicago T-shirts

SPiN New York Billboard

San Francisco Window Cling

SPiN San Francisco Billboard

Photography by Oink & Coo |  App Development by Nyeus Inc.

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