State Goods is an evolving study in nostalgia, memories and connections.

Straddling the line between ‘past & present’, State Goods offers a unique spin on places of days past, and a strong foothold in modern visual art and design. Ever changing, State Goods looks to the little and the large moments, the artifacts from now & then, and to the things that make us tick for inspiration.

Partnering with artists, photographers, designers and illustrators globally, State Goods produces an eclectic collection of lifestyle pieces that honor the present by paying homage to the past. State Goods owns a unique emotional territory; one of personal patriotism alluding to a sense of place. Transcending geographical borders and historical timelines, State Goods explores personal connections, and the distinct emotional translations that strike a chord.

State Goods prints are collectable, complimentary and accessible. The collection encourages the rotation of prints within a frame - allowing for an evolving visual landscape that adapts to changes in season, mood, space and occasion.


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