The very word “exist” derives from “to step forth, to stand out”.
Erik Naggum

Stand out, don’t stand by

What Sovereign State Does:

  • Open new territory
  • Develop, create, increase awareness
  • Strengthen a position
  • Cause action

Sovereign State Works On:

  • Brand value & projection
  • Brand visual systems
  • Connecting the platforms (print, online, social, environmental)

Sovereign State Does This Through:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design systems
  • Copywriting & content strategy
  • Online/offline execution: print, web, social media, mobile, environments, experiential

Our Process Will Develop a Brand System That Is:

  • Ownable
  • Connective
  • Multi-Environment
  • Extendable

Sovereign State is your expression at its most natural state. Nothing forced, but clear, confident and unique. The point of power balancing mind and heart.

Your point of view, resonating through a complete and immersive experience. For the people who work with you and for the people you work for — your audiences.

It’s understanding you’re part of a system and that each component plays a role that connects and enhances. When all the parts fall in harmony, you achieve a resonance that feels natural and supremely yours. We only focus on orchestrating those elements with you. Experienced at stepping back, honing in, and empowering the elements that can be shaped and refined.

It’s your unified voice, that first look, the way you guide and your actions, all coalescing under a feeling of you above all the others. You, your sovereign state — Standing out, not standing by.