Flyt Club

Flyt Club, founded by a former para rowing world champion and Muay Thai fighter, was born from the belief that true strength and resilience come from the integration of physical and mental wellbeing. By offering a carefully crafted curriculum of spin, bootcamp, fighter classes, and hybrid programs, Flyt Club aims to push and elevate each participant to their fullest potential. Their philosophy is rooted in the understanding that everyone must fight for their own light, and that as a community, shared beliefs can help us surpass the superficiality of fitness and reach new heights of thriving.

To support Flyt Club's mission, Sovereign State developed a cohesive and comprehensive brand strategy and system that took into account the complete environment and experience. The brand was crafted to be consistent and complimentary without relying on a copy-and-paste approach. Every element was thoughtfully designed to work in harmony, reflecting Flyt Club's commitment to fostering a community that promotes strength and resilience both physically and mentally. With this dynamic brand strategy, Flyt Club is poised to continue inspiring and empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

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Photography: Matt See